Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Camping We Will Go!

So I've been thinking a lot lately about summer and stuff I could do with the kids on the cheap. 

Now that Johnny's 4, I feel like he's old enough to enjoy some adventures and make some great memories. 

Thanks to a couple of issues with the car,  we're a few hundred dollars behind where we were hoping to be this time of year, so a hotel for a couple of nights is pretty much out of our budget. 

Then I got to watching some videos on YouTube with my mom, who plans on hitting the road and perhaps living out of a van/rv part time. 

And it hit me. Why can't Johnny and I take a few overnight trips this summer and camp in my Jeep Patriot?

Camping in the Jeep would save us possibly hundreds of dollars on a hotel room or Airbnb, which would afford us to eat out a few times and hit up a local attraction or two while we're in town. 

I've gathered a few supplies and contacted my uncle who owns almost 2 acres of land. He agreed to let us come camp over in our Jeep for a couple of nights. I figure we will drive down on Friday, camp out, do the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco on Saturday, camp that night (already in talks with Uncle Jay about a campfire - can you say SMORES?) and home on Sunday morning. 

And now I need to know; What are some of your best camping tips? (We need them desperately!) 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Johnny Turns 4!

I can't believe that JB turned 4 on Monday. Gonna go with the ever so cliche "It feels like yesterday he was born!", because it truly does. He requested a Marvel/Avengers/Captain America theme, so I'm making it happen and he's having a party Saturday. 

He's potty training like a champ. Enjoying is vast assortment of undies, all of which have specific names. 

School is going great, and he's still in Speech Therapy. Dottie is also doing ST 2x's a week, along with bubba. 
Overall, we're on track for an excellent Spring/Summer and I couldn't be more happy! 

What was your 4th birthday like? 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Carnival Carnage

Andrea, my mom and I took all three kids age range 2.5 - 4 to the local little carnival that's in town a couple of times a year called The Mighty Thomas Carnival.

We all had a great time. The boys went on a ton of rides. We all played games and won prizes, even a new pet goldfish that I originally called Carnie Wilson and then Johnny named Steve.

Johnny had cheese fries for the first time and was in sheer heaven.

All three kids were angles, though I do have to admit that Dottie got upset a couple of times because she was too little for many of the times - and you all know she's an adrenaline junkie.

Overall, everyone had a great time, I think we have a new cheese fries fan for life, the kids all left with at least two cool prizes each, and no one got majorly hurt or upset.

I'd call that an all around win!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Looking Up!

It's been a while since my last post about seeking help for my anxiety problems, I'm happy to say that I feel so much better.

The great thing for me personally about Lexipro, is that it doesn't really change who I am as a person. It doesn't dope me up like Xanax has the potential to. Instead, it just makes me feel less general stress and anxiety.

For me, that's exactly what I needed, and has made a world of difference in my every day attitude.

I had SO MANY people on Instagram share their stories and support regarding this issue, and I wanted to thank you all.

My main goal in life is to be a great mom and wife for my family, and to not drive myself crazy in the process, so if a tiny pill will help me to do that, I'm grateful.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tripping It Up

I'm taking my mom to Colorado next month for her birthday. It'll just be a little long weekend girl's trip, and I'm so excited!

We have some family who live close to Denver, so we're planning on seeing them while we're there. We also have way too many activites planned, so here's hoping we can fit it all in.

I've never been to CO, but my mom has and says it's beautiful with mountains everywhere, so I'm thinking this will be cool.

We do plan on also hitting up some museums while we're there, and I definitely plan on seeing the Rocky Mountains.

As tradition dictates, I'll be getting a tattoo while in Denver, and have no clue where to actually go. I'll figure it out once I get there. I have a few little tattoo ideas, so I'll go with what feels right at the time.

We even rented an Airbnb from a younger couple who seem very down to Earth and kind - should be an interesting experience!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Seeking Help

After lunch and the 🍭 shop yesterday, I had an appointment with my doctor regarding my anxiety issues. I've had what could me considered mild, and at times severe, anxiety issues since I was pretty much a child. At 17ish, I got into a car wreck and had PTSD as a result. 

It went untreated for approximately a year or so before I sought help. Mostly because my mom and I thought it would "just pass" given enough time. It didn't. That anxiety and PTSD eventually got so bad that when I was 18, pretty I decided I needed help to cope with my anxiety issues. I was put on a couple of medications. 

The first didn't work and made me feel sick, but the second definitely helped for a while. I eventually stopped taking it and thought that everything was fine. Until I got my first real job working full time. I worked there for 10 months before I let all of stress and anxiety build up to the point of no return. I didn't have insurance and could not afford doctor visits and meds out of pocket. 

Things seemed to settle down for many years and I was able to cope well with little to no anxiety problems. Until Dottie was born. I was in survival mode for so long due to her medical issues, that the stress eventually caused me to have what I consider a complete anxiety relapse. So in 2015 I started taking Lexipro for my anxiety issues and it worked like a charm. I stopped late 2016. 

I assumed all was fine and because things were settling down health wise for Dot, I wouldn't need help coping mental health wise. I was wrong. I constantly feel like something bad is going to happen. Like that tense, almost nauseous feeling in your stomach. It makes me irritable because I constantly feel stressed out and overwhelmed. It makes me grumpy and short tempered. 

Basically, not much fun to be around at times (sometimes a lot of time), and I don't want to be that way. I want to be a happy and fun mom and wife and daughter. Like I am when not already starting the day at stress/anxiety level 5.

 All of this to say: If you need mental health help, don't be ashamed about it. Seek out the people or meds that will help you function normally in your life. You're not alone. #endthestigma

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thomas Carnival

We live in Round Rock, Texas, near a large baseball stadium called the Dell Diamond. There's a super huge park that backs up against it called Old Settlers Park, and every year they do a spectacular light show. You pay for your car/vehicle and drive through the park where various light displays are set up. 

At then end they have Christmas Town, which mostly consists of even more lights you can view on foot, games to play, and photo ops. 

There also happens to be a carnival that comes to town every year and sets up as part of this experience, or you can hit it up separate, called The Mighty Thomas Carnival
It's very small, but all of the good stuff is there, and they even have a Ferris Wheel. 

Darren and I took the kids and Nana even tagged along!

Johnny loved all of the walk through houses like the hall of mirrors and this one called U-Toob. 

I've always been a fan of carnivals and love their artwork. 

Everyone had a great time. We ate hot dogs, funnel cake, and drank giant sodas from super cute and mega cheesy cups. 

I saved mine for drinking water out at home ;) 

We played a few games and Johnny had his fill of fun houses and cotton candy. 

 I would recommend the Thomas Carnival for smaller kids under the age of 10, however we all had a fantastic time and we can't wait to go back next year. 

All opinions and photos are my own and this post is in no way paid for or endorsed by The Mighty Thomas Carnival.